Carol Keller
Fine Art Photography

Artist Statement

Carol Keller is a self taught fine art black and white photographer. Carol has been photographing the world around her for nearly 35 years along the way capturing landscapes, cityscapes, seascapes and the occasional portrait in a photojournalistic style. Most of Carol's work was captured in 35mm film then exposed and developed in the traditional darkroom using traditional darkroom developing techniques. Over the years Carol Keller has exhibited her artwork in several galleries and art shows and has won awards for her black and white photography locally and internationally as well. Carol introduced the digital capture into her world and uses this medium to capture everyday moments. All photographic works presented are never modified in Photoshop so as to represent the moment as it was seen through the viewfinder.

After a three year hiatus from her craft, Carol has again begun to photograph the world around her but with a new perspective. Of late, her motto is "Out of the Darkness Comes Light" which can be felt in the work that she is openly displaying. Every image that is captured is first felt by the artist by truly being in the moment and experiencing the world and life as it is happening. No work is ever staged or planned in advance which Carol believes is what makes her work a gift of nature embodying the spirit of the world as it is expressed today.

When an artist throws their very soul into their work, the results and gifts abound with a special quality that cannot be captured by the most trained, expert technologist who does not or cannot let themselves experience this. Those who understand will see the beauty from within and enjoy the work presented.

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